Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Camping wagon (like a Shepherd's hut) - Booking information

Having tested it on your behalf, we can now take your bookings.
There is a bit of a loose waiting list but put your dates forward now.
Mid week is less busy and a small discount may be available.

It is situated at the back of the top, middle meadows
 with the pitch "Aero" as it's garden, boules green, space for an extra tent.
Made with reclaimed timber, shutters, windows, etc.

It has a double mattress and a 3/4 bunk for 2 small under 10's

It is starting  Autumn off at £40 for 2, plus £10 each child.
There are discounts for regulars.
Off grid but equipped with wood burning stove,
2 comfy leather car seats.
2 burner and grill calor gas stove.
 a lantern.
Kitchen equipment, crockery, pots and pans,

campfire pans.

Water container, washing up bowl, etc.
Hamper, basket, cool box to store your food.
Bistro table and chairs on balcony.

Clothes airer.
Dedicated camp fire and furniture.
Compost toilet at "Pyramid" approx 20 metres.
See other posts for build details and features.
Ask for booking details (online banking transfer secures your booking quicker)
You only need bring a sheet, duvet, pillows, etc
or I can provide them for £4 a person.

Great for birdwatchers (lay in bed and watch the chiff chaffs and warblers)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Camping wagon - A few details, getting close

Double bed with good mattress
3/4 Bunk bed for 2 small children

Some items provided

reclaimed windows at rear side of wagon

Smoke from woodburner - 

Leather Rover seats for interior

Balcony entrance with reclaimed shutters

Campfire area

Harvest table at campfire

The "Louis" woodburner from "Windy Smithy"
Chosen to heat an 18' Shepherd's wagon.
Worth the £600 for the proper flues and fittings, to heat you on a winter's evening.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Camping wagon build

A unique camping experience in the making -
A cross between a Shepherd's Hut/Showman's/Woodmans wagon/Prairie Schooner, etc.
Based on a set of industrial recycled wheels.
Fitting back windows

6 second video testing wood stove

Towing onto top meadows, ready to complete...... within a few weeks

Towing into position

Beautiful shutters, courtesy of our friend 

 Panelling the interior

Floor sanding
Floor sealing

Rubber bond fleeceback glued on top

Ceiling, insulation, roof, roofing rubber

roof detail with insulation

Balcony railings


Oak cladding


Vapour barriers going on

Oak cladding


Oak framing

Artistic license on proposed glamping option:-

Yes, that's our old canoe as a roof

 Oak floor boards on. 6.6.2014

Start of build 20.5.2014
Daily updates
Assorted old trailers to clean up


Greased 5th wheel

Some of you regulars may recognise what is being pulled out of the bushes

Massive set of wheels to recycle


Floor Insulation