Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild flowers near Pitch "Hoot" - Wild Orchid communal pitches

Clumps of Alchemilla Mollis around the meadow to the left of "Hoot"

The pyramid orchids are starting to show through,
we try and mow the meadow around them.

Loads of self set Ash trees growing now on this "Orchid" meadow,

it was just a farmers' dump for rotting potatoes before we owned it.

Also in  in this area are the yellow and the purple comfrey.

The walk around the edge has a few large boulders,
these are the original Hillend Aerodrome,
put here before we owned the land.
They now form attractive punctuation points around the meadow walk.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


For your life jackets or mending your torn tent.

(Pleasant owners)

Maybe you're going to Anstruther with your canoe or for a spot of kayaking

There are few days on which it would be calm enough to paddle a canoe on the sea at Anstruther.

If you are a sea-kayaker there is no charge for launching from Anstruther Harbour but there is a car-parking charge.

I advise you to check the weather carefully before you come - it tends to be quite choppy here when the wind picks up.

Or a trip to see the puffins on the Isle of May.

Or a look round the Fisheries museum.

or the famous fish and chips.

as much as we like the treat, it has been noted that service is lacklustre.

10 miles south of Anstruther is

You could call at this lovely owner led cafe,

cheese farm, etc.

Watch the cheese being made Mon to Wed.

They make a delicious cheddar, turned into mild, strong or smoked.