Monday, June 27, 2011

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The book suggests" I just want space and  unallocated time. I want disorganised activity for my children. 
I want the time table to be torn up."  The reveiwer Tom Fort says..."I like the no telly and reading in the early morning with hot tea... I like the easy sociability so rare in this country, and the opportunuity camping gives to observe the lives of others. I like the adventure of it. I like the way the children make friends after 10 minutes and you hardly see them again except for meals... This book is essential reading for thoughtful campers."

10 screen cinema
Deep sea world

Outdoor "essentials" shop in Inverkeithing.
We are on their "Links" page and also "Books" link (Cool Camping Scotland).
So pleased to have a local shop to direct our campers to.
Parents blogs to keep children happy outdoors.