Friday, October 17, 2014

Camping Shack - Booking

Offgrid rustic wooden, 1 room building.
Log burning stove
(a few logs and kindling provided to start your wood burner)
Calor gas cooker and washing up on balcony.

Sleeps 2 + 2/3:-
Raised base with double mattress
(bring a bottom sheet, pillows, duvet or sleeping bag)

or book hire linen
Banquette - sleeps 2 or 3 small children
2 bedrolls included, soon to have foam mattresses,
meanwhile bring extra for the childrens' comfort.

Picnicware hamper

 Knives, forks, spoons, etc.
Small tables and chairs
Books and games
Tea and coffee making

Double gas burner and small grill

Water container, wash up bowl, t.t.owel, etc.

No smoking, no pets, only use t-lights in containers please, no candles.
View from east balcony to campfire area

A sunny cold icy early morning 2.2.2013

 but still cozy inside, even without the log burning stove on.

Eco  sawdust toilet and water  is  30 metres at the recycling point.

Approximately £50 1st night based on a family of 2 adults and  1 or 2 children.
2nd night concessions.
Last minute deals for a couple and repeats.

There is a woodstove (Wildo) Please  keep stove door shut when you leave the room.
 Also a recycled stove and a camp fire area off the east balcony.

Log kits £6 (honesty pot at reception hatch).
No foraging for wood.


  1. Elaine Hardie & girlsAugust 9, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    Spent a night in shack this week - the best fun since fun was invented!