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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Lochore meadows, approx 12 miles north - boating, golf, fishing...

This enterprising lad, commisioned a spoon as a memento of his Scottish holiday.
He then went on to make a gift of this little spoon, he made with his Swiss army knife.
Thank you, it's a treasure and we enjoyed having you and your family to camp.
Free events in January

See also for other events and Edinburgh festivals, etc.

Scotfest at Alva Glen by the Ochils.

Linlithgow is a good little town with various specialist shops.
Also a lovely lake and palace with various events
Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, etc.
for information on "Tossing the Caber" and history of the Highland Games

When you're tired of cooking beans and bangers on your camp fire,visit Arbroath or Marco's famous fish and chip shop (Daily Record).

Some people cook their potatoes on a campfire instead of using them as ears!

This little girl came in to camp carrying a teddy bear and left with a boat.