Monday, April 16, 2012

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Ammendment to Dixe's article -
There are no "ready erected" tents, just a classic 2 berth caravan and a camping shack for hire.
and wood kits are £6.

steam trains in fife

Oliver Cromwell steam train just visible  from our cottage window.
2 trips, last train return 8.30p.m.
Historic Forth Rail bridge.

Forthcoming events

Boness railway.

wild fruit, vegetables and herbs in Fife

When you book our camping or cottage, these are among the wild fruits you can pick f.o.c.:- raspberries, gooseberries white currants and strawberries, all ripe in July or earlier.
Brambles, elderberries, etc. follow in August, September, October.
Herb gardens includes mint, apple mint, lovage, rosemary, tarragon, sage.

Sometimes we have plenty of fruit or vegetables, some of which we can offer free:-

Free -
August 2009 we had big redskin campfire baking potatoes.
September 2009 we have the 2nd batch - big white ones this time "Marfot" variety.

August we had Victoria plums.
September we have Late Victoria plum variety.

Booking and confirmation. Reception

Reception hatch on right, 10 metres from entrance gate.

Reception Open
Monday to Friday 9.00a.m. to 7:00p.m.
Saturday  and; Snday 3p.m - 7p.m.

Charges:- First night
£6 per person all ages.
£6 per car. £2 per motorbike.
£3 per day visitor.
£3 per day visitor car

Second night onwards:-
Cars and motorbikes free.
Children and under two's half price

Please pay  on entry at reception hatch before pitching.
Including day visitors, with all car party names, thanks.

Booking procedure:- Phone or e mail.
Then you receive a personal reply and a standard reply with various links for more information.
When you confirm your group details, number of people and cars - time of arrival and departure, etc.,
 I send a confirmation quote/directions.

Usually, if pre-arranged, we are there to welcome you,
show you the gate combination and
lead you to a turning area,
then back down to the parking area tucked in at the side,
show you your pitch - now is the time to say if it doesn't suit you for tent size, etc.
Pay and pitch your tent.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pitch map

Scale: 1 cm equals 20 metres. Whole map represents 15 acres.

The top third are mostly higher meadow pitches.
The lower two thirds are mixed woodland pitches.

All pitches have a designated camp fire.

Top and bottom areas:- compost toilet and recycling facilities.
Lower pitches:- cold water, badger hide. Hire classic 2 berth caravan or camp shack for 4+.

Top pitches:- stored water:- Gallon containers and drum boiler of water ( for washing up and washing, etc.)
Drinking water -also from standpipe in lane at lower pitches. Run some off first.
You can of course bring your own to start you off.

Bottom pitches:-
1st set of steps on left lead to "Mule"and "Burro" to the right +
water, toilet and recycling straight ahead.

and to the left "Rosebank", caravan and "Well"

2nd set steps leads to

"Sweet Meadow",  "Wing" " Toilet, "Gurgle", "Knoll camp shack" "Nest" "Burn", "Tilt." "Rust".

The 1st turning area leads to

Badger Hide,  "Coppice", "Sett" "Rising Sun" and "Bulbs"and "Brock".

On the right is a cyclist friendly pitch called "Belle".

Top pitches:-

Straight ahead is "Hoot" (park at grassy entrance.)

Turn left at top of hill, then on your right is "Tag",

"Jay Way, "  "Catkin","Hooves", 

""Rag"",Bobtail" and "Aero".

At the end of the road is the water, toilet and recycling for :-

"Strawberry fields" and it's siblings "Forever", "Nowhere" "Walrus and "Mr. Kite ",

on the right of the road is "Axis", "Mellow Yellow" and "Moonbeam".

You can also get to "Aero" this way.

Parking is tight into the sides, leave the turning areas clear at "Strawberry Field" and" J.Way"


Our pitches are set in individual clearings,
scattered about on 15 acres of mixed woodland and meadow land
with all sorts of wild flowers and fruit, trees, birds and butterflies.
( 15 pitches on lower woodland site ) (15 pitches on top meadow site )
Each pitch or clearing has a name, with a meaning - history/pitch identity/song/book/travel,etc.
 i.e. Strawberry Field (wild strawberries),

We have a few sibling pitches which means that they are attatched to a main pitch with a campfire.
They can be used as an overflow for those in your party if the main pitch isn't big enough.

Pitches are allocated for size of tent/group:
but ask at time of booking
if you have a preference for woodland pitches or meadow,
(sometimes, we can re-arrange the weekly pitch plan,
as we do for regulars who ask for their favourite pitches).

Give us a few details of your dates, expected time of arrival and departure.
Also group number, tent size/berth, car registrations and visitors.
We will then email you more information and a quote.

Depending on weather and pitch conditions,
we will try to match you up to the best site for your booking.

Please don't move pitch without asking, as it may be booked.

Appreciation goes to all those campers who leave the pitch tidy,
free of litter, wood splinters on the grass (for grass cutting).
We also value those who leave the rustic tables and chairs
as they found them on the pitches they were intended for.
We also value are those of you who let us know if you have to cancel your booking.

Butterflies Moths Insects
Many of these seen in our woodlands and gardens.

The peacock butterfly is very common here.
Also regular is large and small cabbage white, common blue, orange tip, small tortoiseshell, red admiral,comma, etc.
Spotted here in January 2010

Monday, April 9, 2012

Places to visit. Edinburgh zoo Pandas Earthship Fife Falkirk wheel
Edinburgh zoo pandas, 10 miles from this holiday property. Antiques and cafe Huntingtower Perth by Sandy Stevenson. Townhill loch
Scottish photos

10 miles north. Open Fridays.They can arrange guided tours but you can wander around yourself
 by the Kinghorn Loch. There is a shelter made from plastic bottles & the tyre building. etc.

Deep sea world

South Queensferry pier gallery paintings and woodcraft (similar to chris's).
07761 577 366

Dunfermline Duloch Park and Fife Leisure park

24 hour Tesco, 2 miles away.

Breakfasts from around 8.a.m.

Pizza delivery Duloch Park Dunfermline 01383 726999 also at Whimbrel Place, Duloch, Dunfermline:-

Lidl supermarket, fish  and chips, Subway, etc.

Fife Leisure Park:-

Bella Italia,

Nandos chicken, Chinese buffet, Dobbies cafe, etc.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Woodland camping Fife near Edinburgh Scotland Love camping. Outdoor benefits.

"Taking part in nature"

"woodlands have their own ecology.."
"pass into a different world and transform ourselves...."

10 miles north of Edinburgh

Good touring Historic places, Lochs and Glens.

24 hour Tesco. M and Spencer outlet within 2 miles.
Ask if you want details of local pubs/restaurants, etc.
Local taxi 01383 410088.
Visit our advert also at

15 acres of woodland in Scotland, natural, rustic, in harmony with nature.
Cold water, recycling and sawdust toilet. Designated campfires.
Nearby activities for children and all the family.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facilities at 1st Camp service area Near Sweet Meadow

50 gallon mains water tank for 1st part of lower pitches.
Installed 2011,  frame work continued through February 2013.
Shower Pump to help flow of running water
to 2 x 20 gallon holding tanks at Caravan and Sweet Meadow wash area.

Refurbished recycling bins November 2012.

Original wooden ones in trailer. 
Plastic bins seem to be most practical, although not as interesting to look at.

Toilet and washing up area.

Built to trees.

"The system is extremely simple. 
One bucket inside a wooden frame covered with a toilet seat. 

                                Each time a person ‘visits’ the sawdust toilet, sprinkle sawdust,
                                                                  then close the lid ".

                                                     It's emptied at least once a day.
                                                                  It doesn't smell.