Saturday, December 29, 2012

Camping shack hire and extra equipment.

This is a rustic wooden building with 3 balconies.
Think "wooden tent" so
bring everything you would normally bring camping, except the tent.
i.e. bedding, mattress, lights, cooking stove,kettle,  pots, pans, plates, water container, etc.

(You can also hire any of these things, like duvets, etc. (book in advance )
including crockery hamper.)

It is no smoking inside the cabin please and no pets.
There is an internal woodstove (Wildo) and a stove on one balcony  (recycled).
Please  keep stove doors shut when you leave the building.
Log kits available at the gallery (honesty pot at reception hatch).
There is a camp fire area off the east balcony.

It has raised platforms for  a double bed and a banquette for 2/3.

 1st night  approx £50 depending on occupants/visitors.
2nd night half price.

Day hire if it is not booked for the night.
Eco  sawdust toilet and water point is  30 metres at the recycling point.

Feel free to ask if you want more information

Friday, December 28, 2012

Camping shack day hire

Day hire available when not booked for the night

Trolley available to carry your equipment from car to shack


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Camping shack reviews

Thank u for a great night in the shack ... 
You have done a brilliant job on the shack..
 It has lots of character and we'll definitely be back...
.Rob and Caroline 29 - 30.9.2012


Hi Yvonne, You are more than welcome, you have a very special shack, well done in creating a wonderful wee place in your woods.  Barbara @hutscabinsscotland  on twitter.

Stayed here last night, awesome camp! — at Gimme Shelter, Duloch near Inverkeithing. Elaine August 2012


Back from a great weekend visiting 'The Shack' a totally different camping experience from what we're used too! Loved it and would recommend it to all.

Camping Shack Barn doors

Double bed on one side and 15'  banquette for 2 adults or 3 children.

Barn door

Wildo stove installation


Camp shack in beautiful location
(woodland stream below)
Roof spars.

Sleeps 4+.
A double bed and 2/3 single ( banquette style)

Approx. £50/£60 the first night.

2 balconies.
Bring your own camping equipment
( bedding, cooking pots and plates as you would for tent camping.)
Campers env. friendly sawdust toilet and cold water a few paces away.

Camping Shack build video

Video with  commentary and a bit of larking about.

Camp shack- Beds for 4 +.
Approx. £50 for first night.
This is camping with a solid wood shack instead of a canvas tent.
Sawdust toilet and cold water at campers re-cycling  area, a few yards away.

Camping shack - stoves and interior photos

A regular's painting on a slate


Watching this:-
Kevin McLeod's eco build with stove
made us think of this:-

 stove on east balcony from reclaimed gas bottle

  "Wildo" stove inside shack

Double bed base

2 smoking chimneys