Monday, February 4, 2013

Reviews papers and online

Robin McKelvie Scotsman feb 2013 holiday supplement Page 11 No. 8

 Campers comments can be left in this Log book in the gallery.

You can also find campers reviews on the following internet sites:-


Independent magazineSeptember 2007 - Will Self

Telegraph 2010 - Campsites with fires

Cool Camping Scotland 2010 guide book from repeat camper Jacky Coyle March 2011.

Guardian - Dixie Wills

Dunfermline Press 2008 Theatre troop and Lynn Paul (New Seekers)
and "The Hour".
Bushcraft sites

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Maintenance 2012 Ground water drainage video

Little waterfall feature

At entrance to campsite

This is a small exposed part of the "Cundie" 
which stretches a few hundred metres all the way up the drive on the left.

While you were packing your tents away for the winter,
 we've hired in the usual machines to keep draining the land
and channelling the water off the pitches and driveway into the unusual " Napoleonic" drain.

Camping shack campfire video

Shack  - West balcony 
overlooking Pinkerton Burn.

In the shack forest  garden off the east balcony

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Camping shack and construction photos

A camping shack 10 miles north of Edinburgh  in Fife
Camp shack/cabin for 4

Don't need to pack or carry your tent.
Don't need dry weather.

East balcony

Barn doors (Dock blocks recycled)

Larch cladding

Oak Barn doors and floors (+ douglas Fir)

This is a one room camping shack or cabin
with balconies, a wood stove and sleeping platforms.
A camp fire area alongside.

It is camping without the need to put up your tent.
No electricity, so bring you normal camping lights.
Water and sawdust  toilet  @ 25 metres.
Bring your  camping pots and pans.

It will sleep 4+. Approx £50 for the first night.
Special offers for repeats or a couple.

The camping shack knoll
 between the pitch "Gurgle" and "Burn"

Start of build photos:-
Foundation blocks

Base blocks with trial joist measurement

Materials ready to transport to the knoll
 floor joists

douglas fir columns

some joists and some dwanging

milled  floorboards from oak beams (see video on you tube)

Camping Shack - Seasons. Prices

Regular camper gave us this:- Shack on Ballahulish slate

Primroses 30.4.2013

A sunny cold icy early morning 2.2.2013

 but still cozy inside, even without the log burning stove on.

Drinking water  available a few paces away at the campers' service area.

Approximately £50 1st night based on a family of 2 adults and 2 children.
2nd night half price.
Last minute deals for a couple and repeats, approx £30.
You need to bring all your camping equipment except your tent.
It is possible though, to hire some equipment.